Victorum Ecosystem enables
people to have full control over their wealth and finances


We aspire to improve our world and the lives of our Global members with the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies as an alternative way to earn income, invest, save and make payments.

Core Value

Transparency, Honesty, and Goodwill to our global investors and partners. We believe these values are the keys to a long-term, successful relationship.

Purpose and Mission

To uphold humanity's basic fundamental right to control their own finances and well-being.

We improve our world by the creation and adoption of a secure, decentralized digital financial and payment system using blockchain technology that enables our members to save, earn rewards, invest, withdraw and transfer funds, and pay for goods and services anywhere in the world using one platform. Global members, partners, homeless Veterans, and Children will be the primary beneficiaries through the mass adoption of our unique services.


Cryptocurrencies are start-up companies and fail because they are not accepted globally as units of payment or have widespread Utilization and are not considered reservable currencies yet. With thousands of new blockchain projects, competition is fierce. It is important to remember cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the new cutting-edge technology that is being adopted worldwide as the new “investment and wealth creation” of the future. Cryptocurrencies have created more new financially free people since their inception than any other investment opportunities in human history. Victorum is at the forefront of this new technology and future of the digital world. We are a decentralized all in one global financial and payment platform that rewards and benefits global members and partners.

Victorum has the plans and technology to have our cryptocurrency adopted globally as units of payment. The versatility of VCC as an investment, real-time currency rates, which is secure, has lightning-fast transfers that cost less than traditional ways of transferring money today. Victorum Visa/MasterCard will be used worldwide for in-person and online purchases, everywhere Visa/MasterCard is honored. VCC has a maximum supply of 10 Billion tokens and no more can ever be issued, adding more value to our coin than traditional fiat currencies.

Investing in Victorum project at the initial stage, Global members will receive the greatest investment opportunities and profit.

Term investment and holding of
VCC tokens will earn an additional percentage of coins depending on terms.

Benefits from lightning-fast and costs less cryptocurrency and international fund transfers, highest savings Interest, a multicurrency wallet, and free opening Saving and Checking accounts.

Victorum guarantees access to your funds anytime, anywhere, anyplace 24/7, 365 days a year.

Global members benefit from the future secure Victorum Bank and Payment System, that is benefits include annual profit rewards, cashback, memberships and more.

Our Team

Gladys Ramos
George Naugle
Corwin I. Salisbury
Jayson Eich
CIO / PR Officer
Glen S. Coleman
Mikhail Pshenichnikov
Erick Villeta
Full Stack Developer
Ramir Santiago
Nicholas Murray
Ambassador Australia
Nerissa V. Roman
Ambassador Philippines
Joseph Majoros
Ambassador Canada
Tony Kostirev
Business Advisor
David S. Parker
Lead Advisor
Nanagiz Alakbarova